Does the shoulder strap of your car seat
belt cause discomfort on your shoulder?

Is your shoulder strap too tight and irritating?

As featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and viewed more than 3 Million times on YouTube, you can now purchase your very own Tiddy Bear!

Introducing the Tiddy Bear!
The cute little guy that eliminates all those problems!
Designed to make driving more comfortable.

Introducing the Tiddy Bear, the cute little guy made with the finest soft plush eliminates all these problems. Tiddy Bear is designed to make driving more comfortable.

Just snap the Tiddy Bear onto the shoulder strap of your seat belt and adjust up and down to remove pressure where you need it.

The patent pending design swivels on driver’s side or passenger side seat belt and fits all makes and models. The Tiddy Bear stays where you want it until you move it. Wearing your seat belt will become more fun and you won't forget wearing it, and your kids will love wearing theirs.

Tiddy Bear are available in both Pink or Gold Colors.

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