The Tiddy Bear works great for men, women or kids. It works for everyone, and it is easy to slide out of the way when not in use. The secure snap on button makes it safe and fun for everyone even kids.

If you’re in and out of your car all day, you’re really going to enjoy the comfort of The Tiddy Bear. 

Read what people have to say about their Tiddy Bear.

“One of the best inventions I have ever found!
Ellen DeGeneres

“I received a Tiddy Bear as a comfort item following my bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer. I had two incisions, one 12 inches and the other 8 inches. Between them was less than an inch of skin that was very inflamed and uncomfortable. Whenever I got in the car, the seat belt rubbed my incisions and the spot between them. It really hurt and I had to hold the seat belt away from my chest. But the Tiddy Bear works to eliminate the pressure! Hospitals should have these in their gift shops. Forget giving them to kids! Mine is pink, which is appropriate since pink is the color of breast cancer awareness. This will come in handy again when I'm going through months of breast reconstruction. The item is a small (smaller than a Ty Beanie) stuffed bear with a folded, covered, flap attached to its back with a strong, metal rivet. There's a metal snap to close after placing the bear's flap under, and over, the seat belt to keep it in place. It's soft and washable.
Janice L. Engle "Grandma Jan" (From

“I am the wrong height for seat belts in our SUV. Now I find that most women have problems with seat belts cutting across their upper body. The constant pressure and rubbing up/down of the belts can cause serious problems for women's health. I not only have two of these in our car, but I have given them to all the women in our family. The latest purchase is for a niece that just got a new car. They are very reasonably priced, very practical, and cute. What more could anyone want?”
Janice L. Engle "Grandma Jan" (From

“I got these for my daughter and she absolutely loves her pink bear and always uses it when we're in the car and best part is she now loves wearing her seat belt.”
Carol Jennings

“As a breast cancer survivor, I found using my seat belt very uncomfortable. I tried using pillows and stuffed animals, but found them awkward or cumbersome. Working with my best friend, Dee Hoffman, we created the TIDDY BEAR, the perfect solution. This cute, cuddly bear easily slides up and down the seat belt to the ideal location for making driving comfortable again.”
Marcia Berk

“My wife use to always complain about the pressure from the shoulder belt.  The Tiddy Bear works so great, I got one for myself."
Michael R. Kingsley

“My shoulder strap was always digging in, but snuggle strap makes it comfortable for me to drive again.”
Barb Stevenson



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